Passion Projects!

The art of self-awareness, creative expression & resilience

NEW class: Write From Your Heart

Not long ago things went catywumpus when Coronavirus exploded onto the scene, but we didn't know then that more turmoil was yet to come. In the last few months, we've experienced the devastation of Coronavirus, sheltering in place, an economic slow down, police brutality and protests...


The Making Of A Treasure Journal

JOY! That's what I feel after a weekend of journaling and collaging and altering a book with Kat Kirby. My guiding words for the weekend — opportunity and mother — came from Cathy Nichols' Synchronicity deck, and the virtual workshop proved to be a wonderful opportunity to trust my intuition and...


Passion Projects — theirs & mine

My Passion Project is to witness and produce stories of courage, creativity and change. I've met such amazing people and am honored they shared their stories, which have been aired on Interlochen Public Radio. Grab a cup of tea, and take a listen. Coming Home From IndiaJune 10, 2020 When...