ahhhh; I just finished a new NIA workout that is really resonating with me. Have you heard of it? NIA's combination of mindful movement, martial arts, and dance leaves me energized.

Nia stand for neuromuscular integrative action and was created 25 years ago by Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rasas in California. It morphed into a fitness and lifestyle movement with 2,500 instructors around the world. It's really fun, the steps are easy and fluid, and you can do it without leaving home thanks to NiaTV. Check it out online @ https://nianow.com/about-nia-tv

Rather than obsessing over physical results, Nia tunes into the needs of the body, mind, spirit and emotions. Athletes, dancers, casual exercisers and gym-haters alike embrace the movement lifestyle because it feels good. It's exhilarating, expressive, multi-dimensional, and healing. And I love it!

Here's to moving your body and shifting your energy with Nia!