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Random Acts of Kindness

Seven years ago today a stranger gifted me with such a generous act of kindness that I remember him each year on this date. I was at the Minneapolis airport, and I was a mess. An hour before my sister called saying, "Can you fly home? Right now? The Hospice nurse says Mom will likely pass in the...


Creatively Filled Up

It's 7 am on a Monday morning, and I'm already feeling creatively filled up and satisfied. Here's why: Over the weekend I took an audio bootcamp with Peter Payette and David Cassleman from Interlochen Public Radio. Our task: to brainstorm a few questions to ask of strangers, record the...


Crazy Sexy Love Note to Yourself

I love card decks. You know; the ones where you select a card daily, weekly or whenever it strikes your fancy to capture a message your soul needs right now. I've added a new set to my collection: Crazy Sexy Love Notes from New York Times best-selling author Kris Carr. With gorgeous illustrations...


3 Ways to Amp Up Your Clarity & Focus

I don't know about you, but the moon was so bright last night that I woke in the wee hours full of energy and insights. A full moon has the power to bring profound clarity and intuition to the surface, so play close attention to the messages coming to you. A few soulful ways to connect with your...


Self-Care During the Holidays

Thomas Leonard, the founder of Coach University and the International Coach Federation, coined the term: Extreme Self Care. It's a topic I cover in my book, Create the Life You Crave, in Chapter 4. And it's a topic that's coming up for lots of my clients during this holiday season. Extreme self...