Journal for Joy

Writing For Clarity, Transformation & Growth

Hello, sweet friend!

It’s Leslie, and I'm so glad you're here! Grab a cup of tea and stay with me for Journal for Joy: Writing For Healing, Transformation & Growth. In this self-paced course, I'll share a dozen video lessons based on my gorgeous inspiration cards and creative journal prompts to help you heal, transform and grow.

You will discover the power of the 5 Minute Sprint to capture your thoughts, integrate personal experience, gain deep insights, and tap into the vast knowledge stored in your subconscious. At the end, you'll likely be surprised and delighted with all you've gained through writes that take just 5-15 minutes.

I am passionate about showing others how to get words out onto their journal pages for healing, transformation and growth. In this course, you will learn how to...

  • Leverage the 5-Minute Sprint to quickly identify and shift your energy.
  • Honor your inner wisdom as you fill the pages of your journal.
  • Hear the whispers of your heart guiding your thoughts and actions.
  • Harness your own voice to create positive change.
  • And above all, love your life and feel joy in your journey throughout 2020.

When you enroll in Journal for Joy, you'll have immediate access to 12 video lessons with a gorgeous inspiration cards and creative journal prompt that inspires a soft, soulful look at yourself, your relationships and all you want to create in 2020.

Inspired by my 20 years of journaling, my training with Kathleen Adams, a journal therapy pioneer, and seeing what works for writers and non-writers alike, Journal for Joy offers a proven format to help you face a blank page, jot down your heartfelt thoughts, and discover your own way to healing, transformation and growth.

As a Certified Journal to the Self instructor, I've seen again and again the beautiful outcomes... if you're stressed and overwhelmed, you will find healing. If you're missing the joy in your life, you will recognize the abundance that surrounds you. If you're lost and uncertain, you will find the right path. Journal for Joy will help you gently explore a deeper, richer, more authentic connection with your inner voice. The good news is: you don't have to be a writer or devote a lot of time to experience the benefits.

What You Can Expect:

  • 12 video messages that include my gorgeous inspiration cards and creative journal prompts to help you shine bright throughout the year.
  • Clarity, peace of mind and forward momentum to show up as your best self.
  • Insights around what's causing stress and how to shift that energy.
  • Creative expression to manage stress and embrace healthy self-care.
  • Love and support from a mentor and guide who is walking the path too and cares about you shining brightly exactly as yourself.
  • Accountability and encouragement -- yes, even in this format, you will feel seen and encouraged to be your best self.
  • Truly binge-worthy content that can be enjoyed again and again.

    “Everyone who wills can hear the inner voice.
    It is within everyone.”
    ~ Gandhi


This is something special... learning the power of your words, your story, your life. If you're ready to listen the whispers of your heart and honor your inner wisdom for healing, transformation and growth, do join me for Journal for Joy. All you need is a pen, a journal, and 15-minute sessions to focus on you.

I can't wait to Journal for Joy with you! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me HERE. I’m eager to help you establish a journaling practice that helps you heal, transform and grow.

Leslie Hamp, Speaker ~ Author ~ Coach
Helping YOU Create the Life You Crave

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course opens NOW! After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for one full year - across any and all devices you own. JOY!
Do I need any special supplies or background?
All you need is a journal, pen and 15 minutes for each lesson. No writing experience is necessary, and no one will be looking at your journal but YOU!
This course is an expressive writing course, not a therapeutic course. If you are in need of specific therapeutic help, seek a counselor or therapist in your area.

Your Instructor

Leslie Hamp
Leslie Hamp

Leslie Hamp, Speaker ~ Author ~ Coach, works with midlife seekers & OWLS (Older, Working Less, Still engaged) who want to vision a new path or reinvent completely. She shows them how to harness the power of creativity to navigate life transitions and create what matters most NOW. As a result, they experience increased energy, clarity, and confidence to step into the new story that wants to emerge.

Leslie holds a Master of Arts in Mass Communication and is a Master Coach, Licensed Passion Project Facilitator, and Certified Journal to the Self Instructor. She's also author of Create the Life You Crave and its companion Beautiful Journal and contributing author of Wide Awake Every Week and Love Stories of the Bay. She's always making things (jewelry, visual journals, audio stories, her own standup paddleboard), is always moving (Pilates, hiking, biking, swimming and skiing), and is always traveling with husband Jim & pooch Sadie.

If you need a champion in your corner, sign up for a course HERE and join the Create the Life You Crave Nation HERE. "As my dad always said, 'It's a wonderful world.' I'd be honored to help you find your juicy version," LAH.

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